Apple Orange Juice Recipe
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Prep Time
2 Minutes
Juicing Time
2 Minutes
Ready In
4 Minutes
Required Kitchen Equipment
Centrifugal Juicer
2 Large Peeled Oranges
2 Large Peeled Apples
Step 1: Place your centrifugal juicer on a level and completely dry kitchen surface. Before you plug your juicer in it is highly recommended that you inspect the device to make sure that it has been assembled correctly. You should also make sure that its clean and free of any dust or debris.
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Step 2: Wash and rinse your produce under cold tap water. I personally like to use an all natural plant based fruit and vegetable spray, as this will ensure that my produce is completely sterile.
Step 3: Unless your apples are organic, I would strongly recommend removing the skin before juicing them. Next cut the apples into quarters and then cut out the seeds. Apple seeds contain trace amounts of arsenic and thus you don't want to run them through your juicer. Moving along next peel your oranges and then break the fruit into quarters. You absolutely do not want to juice orange peels, as it will totally ruin your juice batch.
Step 4: Turn your electric centrifugal juicer on and begin to slowly feed your fresh fruit through it. Be sure to avoid overly forcing the produce through the machine, as this can stress the juicer's engine and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Your goal should be to produce about 8 to 12 ounces of liquid, so juice more or less fruit than the called for amount if needed.
Step 5: Stir your finished juice to make sure that the flavor and consistency are even. Be sure and remove any foam that may have accumulated on the surface of the juice. Your fresh apple orange juice is now ready to serve as it is or with crushed ice.
Storage: This juice will stay fresh for 24 to 48 hours. Be sure to store it in the refrigerator within a sealable juice jar or container. I personally use juice jars with plastic lids as they're durable and work well when traveling with homemade beverages.
Health Benefits: Fresh homemade orange juice is packed full of vitamin C and is an excellent immunity booster. The apple juice portion of this beverage contains important phytochemicals that are known to help breakdown and remove toxins within the body.